Coverplate Project: South Quay, Greenway

Where large suspended slabs are poured, joints are formed for the purpose of build-ability and to control the effects of movement caused by temperature-change, seismic activity, concrete-shrinkage, wind and other factors. The function of these suspended slabs is either a roof or floor, or both in commercial, public, residential, retail, and other structures. While the structural slabs (and walls) form an isolation between the elements to stop the penetration of fire, water, temperature etc, the structural movement gaps compromise this function. Therefore the joints must be treated by the use of fireseals, waterseals, and coverplate systems.

Working with Empire Global at South Quay in Greenway we were posed with two unique coverplate requirements for both exposed podiums and internal basement carparks. Though it may seem like a matter of simply covering the joints between two slabs for both situations, they actually had a number of unique requirements to address. As such we employed the Unison Brawny and the Unison Flexo systems respectively.  

The Brawny System:
The ByN cover with AqP Waterseal

The Unison Brawny Coverplate system was used for the expansion joints in the basement carparks. The Brawny coverplate was selected for use in this project as it offers:

  • Trafficable protection for the waterproof seal below
  • Multi-directional movement including ‘differential-vertical’. Meaning it will allow for movement both horizontally, vertically and a variation of angles
  • A simple surface mount installation
  • Low profile and low noise, reducing the ‘clunking’ of traditional coverplates

Flexo FxCT Coverplate

The Flexo CT Coverplate system was used for the exposed podium joints. The Flexo CT coverplate was selected for use in the South Quay project as it Designedoffers:

  • Designed for external and internal use
  • Compatibility with deep floor pavers and tiles
  • Low profile integration with concealed fixings
  • Non-slip finish
  • Thermally dynamic

Unison’s coverplate systems are specified for use in Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, David Jones, Westfield and many other major retailers. If you are interested in using the Unison coverplate systems within any of your projects, contact CE Construction Solutions for more information.