Anti-Slip Additive


Sealed concrete surfaces become slippery, particularly when wet, making conditions less safe for pedestrians and vehicles include bicycles, cars and fork lifts. The unique Nutech Anti-Slip Additive imparts a fine and consistent texture to the surface of floor sealing systems to improve safety under wet and dry conditions. The anti-slip surface is particularly useful around ‘wet areas’ including pools, factory loading docks, access ramps, stairs, entrance foyers and other public pedestrian and vehicle areas.


Nu-tech Anti-Slip Additive for clear and coloured PaveCoat®, Polyurethane, Enamel and Epoxy, Concrete Sealers and Stencil Slate Impression concrete, and Slate Sealer provides excellent slip resistance under both wet and dry conditions. The product increases the friction coefficient of the surface reducing slip potential. The product is suitable for use in most acrylic, Epoxy and polyurethane floor coating systems. The additive is almost undetectable in most clear and coloured sealers.

Nutech Anti-Slip Additive is manufactured from a synthetic crystalline thermoplastic Polymer which has extremely high tensile and flexural strengths which are maintained after repeated flexing. The additive is resistant to fungi and bacteria attack. Sealed surfaces demonstrate substantially improved grip when wet if the sealer contains Nutech additive at the ratio of 300 grams (1 packet) per 20 litres of sealer, which will cover approximately 80 – 100 square metres of surface area. The standard additive is not highly visible in Nutech PaveCoat® UV Clear, High Gloss Clear or Coloured Sealer.

Up to two packets of Anti-Slip Additive are recommended for steeper gradients which may become wet or where additional surface friction is required. Unlike glass powder, silicon sand or pumice, Nutech Anti-Slip Additive does not quickly settle in the container and "floats" in the surface of the sealer to maximize the efficiency of the additive, even where a thick wet film of the sealer is applied. Because the Anti-Slip particle is manufactured from flexible plastic the surface of the sealer is less abrasive reducing personal injury risk due to falls, compared to sealers containing glass powder, silicon sand or pumice.

Features of the Anti-Slip Additive include the following;
• Substantially improves safety of sealed surfaces in wet and dry conditions
• Undetectable in Nutech clear and coloured sealers
• Suitable for acrylic, epoxy, alkyd and polyurethane flooring systems.
• Simple mixing to achieve a uniform distribution.
• Chemically inert and non-hazardous
• Resistant to UV light, mild acids and alkali, stains, salts and dirt
• Flexible and scuff resistant - reduced sheening in high wear areas
• Crystalline particle shape to maximise efficiency
• Less abrasive surface to reduce personal injury due to falls
• Non-yellowing and resistant to moisture
• Unique distribution to maximise efficiency
• Unlimited shelf life if stored at temperature below 150°C.