No more RapidSet 60 – Lucky we’ve got MasterEmaco T545

Aug 23, 2016

RapidSet 60 was recently discontinued in the Australian marketplace, much to the protest of a number of our great customers here at CE.

Well fear not, we have an outstanding rapid set trafficable repair mortar to takes its place in the MasterEmaco T545 from BASF. MasterEmaco T 545 is a one component concrete repair and anchoring material which sets in 15 minutes and will accommodate rubber-tyre traffic 45 minutes after placement. This product bonds to both concrete and masonry and can be used indoors and outdoors for highway and heavy industrial repair jobs.

Product Features include:

* Wide temperature application range – suitable for climates from very hot to very cold.

* Rapid strength gain – fast return to service only 45 minutes.

* Chemically bonds to concrete – long life of patches in traffic areas.

* Thermal expansion/contraction rate similar to concrete – suitable for freeze thaw conditions.

* Minimal drying shrinkage – long term volume stability and stability of patch.

* Cement colour – patches have texture and look of concrete.

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