Collomix hits the road for an Australian tour

This month CE Construction Solutions travelled around Australia with Massimo Gasperini from Collomix GmbH discussing the need for better education and embrace of quality mixing practices, and equipment, for cementitious materials and epoxy in the construction industry. Thank you to all the material manufactures, remedial contractors, hire businesses, engineers and our growing base of distribution partners who spent time with us.

Off the back of these meetings, and industry feedback, in early 2020 we will be releasing a comprehensive mixing guide to the market. This Mixing Atlas will provide an easy QC reference for the right mixing paddle geometry and machine for every major manufacture in concrete repair, epoxy, leveller and polyurethane flooring systems. This will not only save time and money during mixing, it will improve safety and dust exposure whilst ensuring the full potential of these materials is achieved through best mixing practices.

Thanks again to all those who made time to provide us feedback and work with us on this adventure.