Build Expo 2019: Australian Infrastructure & Civil Engineering Summit

CE’s General Manager, Dan Rowley, was invited to delivery a presentation on Concrete Maturity Testing at the recent CIVENEX and Sydney Build held in March. It was the first time the two events have been held in conjunction to each other and being attended by over 25,000 professionals from all walks of the Australian Construction and infrastructure industry.

 CE was excited be presenting an overview of concrete maturity testing discussing the reasons behind the strong growth and uptake of this concrete testing method both in Australia and internationally. “It’s always interesting to see people’s initial response to the idea of pressing a button on their Smartphone to get real-time concrete strength from the element they are standing in front of. That’s before we even explore the huge cost and construction timeline savings the SmartRock IoT sensors are delivering to projects all over the country” explained CE’s General Manager, Dan Rowley.

 If you’d like to know more about concrete maturity testing, SmartRock wireless maturity sensors and what cost and timeline savings they could be delivering to your project contact us directly for a meeting or further discussions.