Design and specifications overview

C.E. Constructions Solutions have been providing technical advice and design solutions to the design community for over 40 years. We strive to be ahead of the pack with the latest technologies and systems available in the construction market, but we also ensure these systems are reliable and technically sound before we get involved.

We provide a connection between the markets leading technical representatives and designers to ensure you can provide the best possible solutions and cost effective systems to your clients. C.E. Construction Solutions provide group presentations (typically lunches and morning teas) to Architects, Engineers, Builders and developers to help keep you abreast of the latest solutions available. We can work with you to design long term programs which will schedule in key speakers who are relevant to your specific business needs. Furthermore we offer one-one appointments to discuss design specifications for all your construction design needs. Our areas of knowledge include:

  • Waterproofing
  • Visual & Safety Access
  • Decorative concrete
  • Fire rated sealants
  • Anti-Graffiti coatings
  • Remedial Waterproofing
  • Epoxy floorings
  • Specialist concrete sealers
  • Adhesive solutions
  • Flooring
  • Concrete remediation
  • Industrial coatings
  • Epoxy
  • Concrete admixtures
  • Concrete
  • And many other key areas of design

This is further enhanced by our drive to bring a number of construction industry related technical seminars to Canberra and regional NSW through an active involvements in a number of industry associations including the Concrete Institute or Australia and the Australasian Concrete Repair Association.

We provide you with solutions from the whole industry, not just a product from one manufacturer. Call us today for a one on one meetings to discuss how we can partner with your company in providing technical solutions, design specifications and connect you to a plethora of industry leading technical presenters.

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